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Conference “Still a Cold Monster? Rise and Decline of Modern State”


Conference “Still a Cold Monster? Rise and Decline of Modern State?” will focus on the notion and the fact of modern State and its legitimacy. The conference will especially discuss topics as State, religion and the secular society, State, markets and welfare, State, borders and nationalism, and the State’s integration into a supranational project such as paradigmatically the one of European Union, as well as the possible taming of State’s main traditional prerogative, and pride, sovereignty, within a thickest web of international rules and governance.

Could we still repeat and approve Nietzsche’s assessment of State as a “cold monster”? Is State irremediably a coercive practice and mostly referable to it? Or is it rather better understood as the public sphere, a collective deliberative dimension, that “city” whose walls are, in Simone Weil’s words, a stronghold against slavery and disgrace?

28-29th October 2021

Tallinn University (Narva Road 29), room A002