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Online Seminar: “Expansion of International Legal History: Recent Debates”


Much of the recent surge of interest in the history of international law has been fed by postcolonial attitudes in the legal academy. In the footsteps of Antony Anghie’s Sovereignty, Imperialism and International Law,1 new works have examined international law’s role in facilitating or reforming the structures of Western rule in the colonies or in the global south before and after formal colonialism. Some of these have focused on the 19th century uses of legal techniques such as extraterritoriality or arbitration to guarantee the predominance of Western—European or American—interests in the Middle East, in Africa, or Latin America.2 Early 20th century international institutions—the League of Nations, commodity agreements, aspects of multilateral treaty-making—have been examined with the view to understanding their role in the perpetuation of the global preponderance…

23th of November, 2021

Online via Zoom, 4 p.m. Estonian time